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Keep up with ongoing projects and help shape the future of Joy UI.

How we prioritize

Joy UI is a community-driven project, meaning we usually pick the issues and suggestions that resonate the most with the community. Therefore, make sure to leave an upvote 👍 on the GitHub issues you are most interested in.

Additionally, we conduct annual developer surveys which also serve as key inputs for Joy UI's roadmap. Your participation is invaluable—keep an eye on MUI's social media to catch the next survey and help shape the future of the library!

Keeping track of the roadmap

Public GitHub project

We use a GitHub project to track initiative prioritization across all MUI Core products, including Joy UI. We typically add tasks to the project board after discussing them internally.

Visit the Joy UI project board 👉

A screenshot of the MUI Core GitHub project.


We also create milestones within the MUI Core repository (where Joy UI's code base is hosted) to keep track of larger cycles. Check it out to keep up with ongoing progress and see which issues have been picked up for the stable release.

Visit the Joy UI milestones page 👉

A screenshot from GitHub of the Joy UI stable release milestone.