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Deploying a Toolpad Studio app is like deploying any other React/Node application.


  • This guide assumes that you have copied your project folder to the server, and all subsequent commands are run inside it.

  • Make sure to add the following scripts to your package.json

 "scripts": {
   "dev": "toolpad-studio dev"
   "build": "toolpad-studio build"
   "start": "toolpad-studio start"

Install step

Install required depdencies via:

npm install

Build step

This command will create an optimized production build for the Toolpad Studio app and will output the generated files:

npm run build

Start step

Once the build has been made, you can deploy it to any service of your choice!

To serve the app once built, run:

npm run start

If you want to listen on a specific port you can change the start script to:

  "start": "toolpad-studio start -p 1234"

Custom base path

Toolpad Studio applications can run under a custom base path. Use the --base CLI parameter to set a base under which the Toolpad Studio application is hosted.

toolpad-studio dev --base /foo

Now the Toolpad Studio application is accessible under http://localhost:3000/foo. The --base parameter must be supplied to the build command. A build always has one specific base path:

toolpad-studio build --base /foo
toolpad-studio start --base /foo

Detailed guides

Detailed, step-by-step instructions are available for the following services: