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Migration from v6 to v7

This guide describes the changes needed to migrate the Data Grid from v6 to v7.


This is a reference guide for upgrading @mui/x-data-grid from v6 to v7. To read more about the changes from the new major, check out the blog post about the release of MUI X v7.

Start using the new release

In package.json, change the version of the data grid package to ^7.0.0.

-"@mui/x-data-grid": "6.x.x",
+"@mui/x-data-grid": "^7.0.0",

-"@mui/x-data-grid-pro": "6.x.x",
+"@mui/x-data-grid-pro": "^7.0.0",

-"@mui/x-data-grid-premium": "6.x.x",
+"@mui/x-data-grid-premium": "^7.0.0",

Since v7 is a major release, it contains changes that affect the public API. These changes were done for consistency, improved stability and to make room for new features. Described below are the steps needed to migrate from v6 to v7.

Update @mui/material package

To have the option of using the latest API from @mui/material, the package peer dependency version has been updated to ^5.15.14. It is a change in minor version only, so it should not cause any breaking changes. Please update your @mui/material package to this or a newer version.

Update the license package

If you're using the commercial version of the Data Grid (Pro and Premium plans), you need to update the import path:

-import { LicenseInfo } from '@mui/x-license-pro';
+import { LicenseInfo } from '@mui/x-license';

If you have @mui/x-license-pro in the dependencies section of your package.json, rename and update the license package to the latest version:

-"@mui/x-license-pro": "6.x.x",
+"@mui/x-license": "^7.0.0",

Run codemods

The preset-safe codemod will automatically adjust the bulk of your code to account for breaking changes in v7. You can run v7.0.0/data-grid/preset-safe targeting only Data Grid or v7.0.0/preset-safe to target other MUI X components like Date and Time pickers as well.

You can either run it on a specific file, folder, or your entire codebase when choosing the <path> argument.

// Data Grid specific
npx @mui/x-codemod@latest v7.0.0/data-grid/preset-safe <path>

// Target other MUI X components as well
npx @mui/x-codemod@latest v7.0.0/preset-safe <path>

Breaking changes that are handled by preset-safe codemod are denoted by a ✅ emoji in the table of contents on the right side of the screen or next to the specific point that is handled by it.

If you have already applied the v7.0.0/data-grid/preset-safe (or v7.0.0/preset-safe) codemod, then you should not need to take any further action on these items. If there's a specific part of the breaking change that is not part of the codemod or needs some manual work, it will be listed in the end of each section.

All other changes must be handled manually.

Breaking changes

Since v7 is a major release, it contains some changes that affect the public API. These changes were done for consistency, improve stability and make room for new features. Below are described the steps you need to make to migrate from v6 to v7.

Drop the legacy bundle

The support for IE 11 has been removed from all MUI X packages. The legacy bundle that used to support old browsers like IE 11 is no longer included.

Drop Webpack 4 support

Dropping old browsers support also means that we no longer transpile some features that are natively supported by modern browsers – like Nullish Coalescing and Optional Chaining.

These features are not supported by Webpack 4, so if you are using Webpack 4, you will need to transpile these features yourself or upgrade to Webpack 5.

Here is an example of how you can transpile these features on Webpack 4 using the @babel/preset-env preset:

 // webpack.config.js

 module.exports = (env) => ({
   // ...
   module: {
     rules: [
         test: /\.[jt]sx?$/,
-        exclude: /node_modules/,
+        exclude: [
+          {
+            test: path.resolve(__dirname, 'node_modules'),
+            exclude: [
+              // Covers @mui/x-data-grid, @mui/x-data-grid-pro, and @mui/x-data-grid-premium
+              path.resolve(__dirname, 'node_modules/@mui/x-data-grid'),
+              path.resolve(__dirname, 'node_modules/@mui/x-license'),
+            ],
+          },
+        ],

DOM changes

The Data Grid's layout has been substantially altered to use CSS sticky positioned elements. As a result, the following changes have been made:

  • The main element now corresponds to the virtual scroller element.
  • Headers are now contained in the virtual scroller.
  • Pinned row and column sections are now contained in the virtual scroller.
  • The cell inner wrapper .MuiDataGrid-cellContent has been removed.

Renamed props

  • The props rowBuffer and columnBuffer were renamed to rowBufferPx and columnBufferPx. Their value is now a pixel value rather than a number of items. Their default value is now 150.

Removed props

  • ✅ The deprecated props components and componentsProps have been removed. Use slots and slotProps instead. See components section for more details.

  • The slots.preferencesPanel slot and the slotProps.preferencesPanel prop were removed. Use slots.panel and slotProps.panel instead.

  • The getOptionValue and getOptionLabel props were removed from the following components:

    • GridEditSingleSelectCell
    • GridFilterInputSingleSelect
    • GridFilterInputMultipleSingleSelect

    Use the getOptionValue and getOptionLabel properties on the singleSelect column definition instead:

    const column: GridColDef = {
      type: 'singleSelect',
      field: 'country',
      valueOptions: [
        { code: 'BR', name: 'Brazil' },
        { code: 'FR', name: 'France' },
      getOptionValue: (value: any) => value.code,
      getOptionLabel: (value: any) =>,
  • The props rowThreshold and columnThreshold have been removed. If you had the rowThreshold prop set to 0 to force new rows to be rendered more often – this is no longer necessary.

  • ✅ Some feature flags were removed from the experimentalFeatures prop. These features are now stable and enabled by default:

Behavioral changes

The disabled column specific features like hiding, sorting, filtering, pinning, row grouping, etc., can now be controlled programmatically using initialState, respective controlled models, or the API object.

Here's the list of affected features, column definition flags and props to disable them, and the related props and API methods to control them programmatically.

State access

Some selectors now require passing instanceId as a second argument:

+gridColumnFieldsSelector(apiRef.current.state, apiRef.current.instanceId);

However, it's preferable to pass the apiRef as the first argument instead:


See the Direct state access page for more info.


  • The GridColDef['type'] has been narrowed down to only accept the built-in column types. TypeScript users need to use the GridColDef interface when defining columns:

    // 🛑 `type` is inferred as `string` and is too wide
    const columns = [{ type: 'number', field: 'id' }];
    <DataGrid columns={columns} />;
    // ✅ `type` is `'number'`
    const columns: GridColDef[] = [{ type: 'number', field: 'id' }];
    <DataGrid columns={columns} />;
    // ✅ Alternalively, `as const` can be used to narrow down the type
    const columns = [{ type: 'number' as const, field: 'id' }];
    <DataGrid columns={columns} />;
  • The type GridPinnedColumns has been renamed to GridPinnedColumnFields.

  • The type GridPinnedPosition has been renamed to GridPinnedColumnPosition.

  • The column grouping API methods getColumnGroupPath and getAllGroupDetails are no longer prefixed with unstable_.

  • The column grouping selectors gridFocusColumnGroupHeaderSelector and gridTabIndexColumnGroupHeaderSelector are no longer prefixed with unstable_.

  • The columns management component has been redesigned and the component is extracted from the ColumnsPanel which now only serves as a wrapper to display the component over the headers as a panel. As a result, a new slot columnsManagement, and corresponding prop slotProps.columnsManagement have been introduced. The props corresponding to the columns management component which were previously passed to the prop slotProps.columnsPanel should now be passed to slotProps.columnsManagement. slotProps.columnsPanel could still be used to override props corresponding to the Panel component used in ColumnsPanel which uses Popper component under the hood.

-   columnsPanel: {
+   columnsManagement: {
      sort: 'asc',
      autoFocusSearchField: false,
  • Show all and Hide all buttons in the ColumnsPanel have been combined into one Show/Hide All checkbox in the new columns management component. The related props disableShowAllButton and disableHideAllButton have been replaced with a new prop disableShowHideToggle.

  • The signature of GridColDef['valueGetter'] has been changed for performance reasons:

    -valueGetter: ({ value, row }) => value,
    +valueGetter: (value, row, column, apiRef) => value,

    The GridValueGetterParams interface has been removed:

    -const customValueGetter = (params: GridValueGetterParams) => params.row.budget;
    +const customValueGetter: GridValueGetterFn = (value, row) => row.budget;
  • The signature of GridColDef['valueFormatter'] has been changed for performance reasons:

    -valueFormatter: ({ value }) => value,
    +valueFormatter: (value, row, column, apiRef) => value,

    The GridValueFormatterParams interface has been removed:

    -const gridDateFormatter = ({ value, field, id }: GridValueFormatterParams<Date>) => value.toLocaleDateString();
    +const gridDateFormatter: GridValueFormatter = (value: Date) => value.toLocaleDateString();
  • The signature of GridColDef['valueSetter'] has been changed for performance reasons:

    -valueSetter: (params) => {
    -  const [firstName, lastName] = params.value!.toString().split(' ');
    -  return { ...params.row, firstName, lastName };
    +valueSetter: (value, row) => {
    +  const [firstName, lastName] = value!.toString().split(' ');
    +  return { ...row, firstName, lastName };

    The GridValueSetterParams interface has been removed:

    -const setFullName = (params: GridValueSetterParams) => {
    -  const [firstName, lastName] = params.value!.toString().split(' ');
    -  return { ...params.row, firstName, lastName };
    +const setFullName: GridValueSetter<Row> = (value, row) => {
    +  const [firstName, lastName] = value!.toString().split(' ');
    +  return { ...row, firstName, lastName };
  • The signature of GridColDef['valueParser'] has been changed for performance reasons:

    -valueParser: (value, params: GridCellParams) => value.toLowerCase(),
    +valueParser: (value, row, column, apiRef) => value.toLowerCase(),
  • The signature of GridColDef['colSpan'] has been changed for performance reasons:

    -colSpan: ({ row, field, value }: GridCellParams) => ( === 'total' ? 2 : 1),
    +colSpan: (value, row, column, apiRef) => ( === 'total' ? 2 : 1),
  • The signature of GridColDef['pastedValueParser'] has been changed for performance reasons:

    -pastedValueParser: (value, params) => new Date(value),
    +pastedValueParser: (value, row, column, apiRef) => new Date(value),
  • The signature of GridColDef['groupingValueGetter'] has been changed for performance reasons:

    -groupingValueGetter: (params) =>,
    +groupingValueGetter: (value: { name: string }, row, column, apiRef) =>,


  • The density is a controlled prop now, if you were previously passing the density prop to the Data Grid, you will need to do one of the following:
  1. Move it to the initialState.density to initialize it.
-  density="compact"
+  initialState={{ density: "compact" }}
  1. Move it to the state and use onDensityChange callback to update the density prop accordingly for it to work as expected.
 const [density, setDensity] = React.useState<GridDensity>('compact');
-  density="compact"
+  density={density}
+  onDensityChange={(newDensity) => setDensity(newDensity)}
  • The selector gridDensityValueSelector was removed, use the gridDensitySelector instead.


  • ✅ The clipboard related exports ignoreValueFormatterDuringExport and splitClipboardPastedText are not anymore prefixed with unstable_.


  • ✅ The unstable_ prefix has been removed from the cell selection props listed below.

    Old name New name
    unstable_cellSelection cellSelection
    unstable_cellSelectionModel cellSelectionModel
    unstable_onCellSelectionModelChange onCellSelectionModelChange
  • The unstable_ prefix has been removed from the cell selection API methods listed below.

    Old name New name
    unstable_getCellSelectionModel getCellSelectionModel
    unstable_getSelectedCellsAsArray getSelectedCellsAsArray
    unstable_isCellSelected isCellSelected
    unstable_selectCellRange selectCellRange
    unstable_setCellSelectionModel setCellSelectionModel


  • The getApplyFilterFnV7 in GridFilterOperator has been renamed to getApplyFilterFn. If you use getApplyFilterFnV7 directly - rename it to getApplyFilterFn.

  • The signature of the function returned by getApplyFilterFn has changed for performance reasons:

 const getApplyFilterFn: GetApplyFilterFn<any, unknown> = (filterItem) => {
   if (!filterItem.value) {
     return null;

   const filterRegex = new RegExp(escapeRegExp(filterItem.value), 'i');
-  return (cellParams) => {
-    const { value } = cellParams;
+  return (value, row, colDef, apiRef) => {
     return value != null ? filterRegex.test(String(value)) : false;
  • The getApplyQuickFilterFnV7 in GridColDef was renamed to getApplyQuickFilterFn. If you use getApplyQuickFilterFnV7 directly - rename it to getApplyQuickFilterFn.

  • The signature of the function returned by getApplyQuickFilterFn has changed for performance reasons:

 const getGridStringQuickFilterFn: GetApplyQuickFilterFn<any, unknown> = (value) => {
   if (!value) {
     return null;
   const filterRegex = new RegExp(escapeRegExp(value), 'i');
-  return (cellParams) => {
-    const { formattedValue } = cellParams;
+  return (value, row, column, apiRef) => {
+    let formattedValue = apiRef.current.getRowFormattedValue(row, column);
     return formattedValue != null ? filterRegex.test(formattedValue.toString()) : false;
  • The Quick Filter now ignores hidden columns by default. See Including hidden columns section for more details.

  • The header filters feature is now stable. unstable_ prefix is removed from prop headerFilters and the following exports.

    Old name New name
    unstable_gridFocusColumnHeaderFilterSelector gridFocusColumnHeaderFilterSelector
    unstable_gridHeaderFilteringEditFieldSelector gridHeaderFilteringEditFieldSelector
    unstable_gridHeaderFilteringMenuSelector gridHeaderFilteringMenuSelector
    unstable_gridHeaderFilteringStateSelector gridHeaderFilteringStateSelector
    unstable_gridTabIndexColumnHeaderFilterSelector gridTabIndexColumnHeaderFilterSelector
  • The filter panel no longer uses the native version of the Select component for all components.

  • The filterModel now supports Date objects as values for date and dateTime column types. The filterModel still accepts strings as values for date and dateTime column types, but all updates to the filterModel coming from the UI (for example filter panel) will set the value as a Date object.


  • ✅ The ariaV7 experimental flag has been removed and the Data Grid now uses the improved accessibility implementation by default. If you were using the ariaV7 flag, you can remove it from the experimentalFeatures prop:

    -<DataGrid experimentalFeatures={{ ariaV7: true }} />
    +<DataGrid />

    The most notable changes that might affect your application or tests are:

    • The role="grid" attribute along with related ARIA attributes are now applied to the inner div element instead of the root div element:

      -<div class="MuiDataGrid-root" role="grid" aria-colcount="5" aria-rowcount="101" aria-multiselectable="false">
      +<div class="MuiDataGrid-root">
         <div class="MuiDataGrid-toolbarContainer"></div>
      -    <div class="MuiDataGrid-main"></div>
      +    <div class="MuiDataGrid-main" role="grid" aria-colcount="5" aria-rowcount="101" aria-multiselectable="false"></div>
         <div class="MuiDataGrid-footerContainer"></div>
    • When Tree data feature is used, the grid role is now role="treegrid" instead of role="grid".

    • The Data Grid cells now have role="gridcell" instead of role="cell".


  • The rowEditCommit event and the related prop onRowEditCommit was removed. The processRowUpdate prop can be used in its place.

Other exports

  • The import path for locales has been changed:

    -import { enUS } from '@mui/x-data-grid';
    +import { enUS } from '@mui/x-data-grid/locales';
    -import { enUS } from '@mui/x-data-grid-pro';
    +import { enUS } from '@mui/x-data-grid-pro/locales';
    -import { enUS } from '@mui/x-data-grid-premium';
    +import { enUS } from '@mui/x-data-grid-premium/locales';
  • The deprecated constants SUBMIT_FILTER_STROKE_TIME and SUBMIT_FILTER_DATE_STROKE_TIME are no longer exported. Use the filterDebounceMs prop to customize filter debounce time.

  • The GridPreferencesPanel component is not exported anymore as it wasn't meant to be used outside of the Data Grid.

  • The buttons in toolbar composable components GridToolbarColumnsButton, GridToolbarFilterButton, GridToolbarDensity, and GridToolbarExport are now wrapped with a tooltip component and have a consistent interface. In order to override some props corresponding to the toolbar buttons or their corresponding tooltips, you can use the slotProps prop. Following is an example diff. See Toolbar section for more details.

 function CustomToolbar() {
  return (
      <GridToolbarColumnsButton />
-       title="Custom filter" // 🛑 This was previously forwarded to the tooltip component
+       slotProps={{ tooltip: { title: 'Custom filter' } }} // ✅ This is the correct way now
-       variant="outlined"    // 🛑 This was previously forwarded to the button component
+       slotProps={{ button: { variant: 'outlined' } }} // ✅ This is the correct way now

CSS classes and styling

  • You can now style a row's hover state using just :hover instead of .Mui-hovered.

  • The .MuiDataGrid--pinnedColumns-(left\|right) class for pinned columns has been removed.

  • The .MuiDataGrid-cell--withRenderer class has been removed.

  • The cell element isn't display: flex by default. You can add display: 'flex' on the column definition to restore the behavior.

    NOTE: If you're using dynamic row height, this also means cells aren't vertically centered by default anymore, you might want to set the display: 'flex' for all non-dynamic columns. This may also affect text-ellipsis, which you can restore by adding your own wrapper with text-overflow: ellipsis.

      display: 'flex',
      renderCell: ({ value }) => (
        <div style={{ overflow: 'hidden', textOverflow: 'ellipsis' }}>
  • The columnHeader--showColumnBorder class was replaced by columnHeader--withLeftBorder and columnHeader--withRightBorder.

  • The columnHeadersInner, columnHeadersInner--scrollable, and columnHeaderDropZone classes were removed since the inner wrapper was removed in our effort to simplify the DOM structure and improve accessibility.

  • The pinnedColumnHeaders, pinnedColumnHeaders--left, and pinnedColumnHeaders--right classes have been removed along with the element they were applied to. The pinned column headers now use position: 'sticky' and are rendered in the same row element as the regular column headers.

  • The column headers and pinned section now require an explicit color. By default, the MUI theme.palette.background.default color will be used. To customize it, see We will be adding a new color name to the palette for additional customization, read #12443 for more details.

Changes to the public API

  • The method getRootDimensions() now returns a non-null value.
  • The field mainElementRef is now always non-null.
  • The field rootElementRef is now always non-null.
  • The field virtualScrollerRef is now always non-null.
  • The event renderedRowsIntervalChange params changed from GridRenderedRowsIntervalChangeParams to GridRenderContext, and the former has been removed.

Changes to slots

  • The slot columnHeaders has had these props removed: columnPositions, densityFactor, minColumnIndex.
  • The slot row has had these props removed: containerWidth, position.
  • The slot row has typed props now.
  • The slot headerFilterCell has had these props removed: filterOperators.
  • All slots are now strongly typed, previously were React.JSXElementConstructor<any>.