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Rich Tree View - Selection

Handle how users can select items.

Single selection

By default, the Tree View allows selecting a single item.

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Multi selection

Use the multiSelect prop to enable multi-selection.

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Disable selection

Use the disableSelection prop if you don't want your items to be selectable:

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Checkbox selection

To activate checkbox selection set checkboxSelection={true}:

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This is also compatible with multi selection:

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Controlled selection

Use the selectedItems prop to control the selected items.

You can use the onSelectedItemsChange prop to listen to changes in the selected items and update the prop accordingly.

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Track item selection change

Use the onItemSelectionToggle prop if you want to react to an item selection change:

No item selection recorded

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Parent / children selection relationship

Automatically select an item when all of its children are selected and automatically select all children when the parent is selected.

If you cannot wait for the official implementation, you can create your own custom solution using the selectedItems, onSelectedItemsChange and onItemSelectionToggle props:

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Imperative API

Select or deselect an item

Use the selectItem API method to select or deselect an item:

  // The DOM event that triggered the change
  // The id of the item to select or deselect
  // If `true`, the other already selected items will remain selected
  // Otherwise, they will be deselected
  // This parameter is only relevant when `multiSelect` is `true`
  // If `true` the item will be selected
  // If `false` the item will be deselected
  // If not defined, the item's new selection status will be the opposite of its current one
  • Data Grid
    • @mui/x-data-grid
    • @mui/x-data-grid-pro
    • @mui/x-data-grid-premium

You can use the keepExistingSelection property to avoid losing the already selected items when using multiSelect:

  • Data Grid
    • @mui/x-data-grid
    • @mui/x-data-grid-pro
    • @mui/x-data-grid-premium


See the documentation below for a complete reference to all of the props and classes available to the components mentioned here.