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Google Sheets

Quickly fetch data from Google Sheets to build a Toolpad Studio app.

You can write a custom function to read or write data from a Google sheet. We'll use google-auth-library and googleapis packages for this.

There are many ways to authenticate Google APIs, as mentioned in google-auth-library. This guide uses JWTs (JSON Web Tokens), which are appropriate for a server-based application.

Connecting to Google sheet

Pre requisites

  1. You are required to create a service account from Google dev console.
  2. Download the keys file to your local environment. It is a JSON file that contains secrets that need to be handled cautiously.
  3. Use client_email and private_key from the JSON file you downloaded in an .env file to set up authentication.
  4. Share the Google sheet you want to show with the service account with the same client_email.

Custom function

In our code editor, inside /resources/functions.ts, we'll create a function fetchList to fetch the list of files that this client_email service account is allowed to access:

export async function fetchList() {
  const service ={ version: 'v3', auth: googleAuth });
  const sheets = await service.files.list({
    pageSize: 10,
    fields: 'nextPageToken, files(id, name)',


Now in Toolpad Studio editor, Click on Add Query and choose Custom function. You should be able to see the function fetchList that we created. Then drag a Select component on the canvas and bind it with the above query to show the list of accessible files to the end user.

Now we'll create another function fetchSheet to show the details of a chosen sheet.

export async function fetchSheet(spreadsheetId: string, range: string) {
  const service2 = google.sheets({ version: 'v4', auth: googleAuth });

  const res = await service2.spreadsheets.values.get({

  const [header, ...rows] =;
  return =>
    Object.fromEntries(, i) => [key, row[i]])),

Create a corresponding fetchList query. When you'll run the above function, you should be able to see data in your Toolpad Studio app. You can bind it to a data grid in your application.