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Troubleshoot missing editor

How to troubleshoot a missing editor error on Toolpad Studio.

When using Visual Studio Code

  1. When clicking on the "Open editor" button on the query editor, you might run into the following error
Missing editor error

Missing editor error

  1. This is most likely caused by a missing code command in your system PATH.

  2. To fix this, go to the Command Palette, through ViewCommand Palette (or Cmd /Ctrl + Shift + P)

VS Code command palette

The command palette on Visual Studio Code

  1. Type code to find the Install 'code' command in PATH option, and press enter to select it:
VS Code add 'code' to PATH

Install 'code' option

When using another editor

Toolpad Studio understands the $EDITOR environment variable. Make sure you can open your editor of choice from the command line. Then provide the command in the $EDITOR environment variable. You can use a .env file in the root of your project to set the variable.

For example with WebStorm, make sure to install the CLI command in the PATH variable, then declare the WebStorm command:

# ./.env