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Charts - Heatmap 🚧

Heatmap charts visually represents data with color variations to highlight patterns and trends across two dimensions.


The Heatmap requires two axes with data properties. Those data defined the x and y categories.

The series data is an array of 3-tuples. The 2 first numbers are respectively the x and y indexes of the cell. And the third is its value.

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Color mapping

To customize the color mapping, use the zAxis configuration. You can either use the piecewise or continuous color mapping.



You can chose to highlight the hovered element by setting highlightScope.highlight to 'item'. To fade the other item, set highlightScope.fade to 'global'.

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By default highlighted/faded effect is obtained by applying the CSS property filter: saturate(...) to cells. To modify this styling, use the heatmapClasses.highlighted and heatmapClasses.faded CSS classes to override the applied style.

In the following demo, we replace the highlight saturation by a border radius and reduce the saturation of the faded cells.


The Heatmap axes can be customized like any other chart axis. The available options are available in the dedicated page.

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