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Toggle Button Group

A group of mutually exclusive buttons.


Toggle Button Group provides a way to get mutually exclusive actions closer together by sharing a common container. It controls the selected state of its child buttons when given its own value prop.

  <Button />
  <IconButton />
  <IconButton />



import ToggleButtonGroup from '@mui/joy/ToggleButtonGroup';

Note that Joy UI doesn't provide a Toggle Button component but rather a Toggle Button Group container component. The reason for that is that according to the WAI ARIA pattern, it's better to use aria-pressed on the Button or Icon Button component instead.

That said, when using the Toggle Button Group component, pass a value as an array. When a button within the group is pressed, the Toggle Button Group component triggers the onChange prop of it and passes the updated array as a parameter.

The Toggle Button Group component uses the same styles as the Button Group component to ensure a consistent visual connection between all of the Joy UI buttons.

Exclusive selection

When the value provided to the Toggle Button Group component is not an array, it operates in the exclusive selection mode, which means that only one button can be selected at a single time within the group.



The Toggle Button Group component supports Joy UI's four global variants: outlined (default), plain, soft, and solid.

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The Toggle Button Group component comes in three sizes: sm, md (default), and lg.

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Every palette included in the theme is available via the color prop.


By default, there's no spacing between the buttons within a Toggle Button Group. Use the spacing prop with a value greater than 0 to separate each button.

The spacing is applied using the gap CSS property and its value is determined on the theme theme.spacing(<value>)).

To create a responsive spacing scale, the <value> can be an object or an array.

<ToggleButtonGroup spacing={{ xs: 0, md: 2, lg: 3 }}></ToggleButtonGroup>

Common examples

Figma-like toggle group

Use the CSS variable --ButtonGroup-connected to control when border radius of the buttons in-between should be removed.

To create a Figma-like button group where the buttons are connected when users hover on any of the buttons, set the --ButtonGroup-connected to 0 and change to 1 on hover.



  • The Toggle Button Group component has role="group". Make sure to provide an accessible label with aria-label="label", aria-labelledby="id" or <label>.
  • For the toggle button, set aria-pressed="<bool>" according to the button state. Make sure to label an icon button with aria-label.


Buttons within a Toggle Button Group component are in the same order as in the DOM. Use the tab key to navigate them.


See the documentation below for a complete reference to all of the props and classes available to the components mentioned here.