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createDataProvider API

Define a backend to load server-side collections.


import { createDataProvider } from '@toolpad/studio/server';


import { createDataProvider } from '@toolpad/studio-runtime/server';
import DATA from './movies.json';

export default createDataProvider({
  async getRecords({ paginationModel: { start = 0, pageSize } }) {
    const records = DATA.slice(start, start + pageSize);
    return { records, totalCount: DATA.length };

Data providers expose collections to the Toolpad Studio frontend. They are server-side data structures that abstract the loading and manipulation of a backend collection of records of similar shape. They can be directly connected to data grids to display the underlying data.



An object that is recognized by Toolpad Studio as a data provider and which is made available to the front-end.



Describes the capabilities of the data provider.


Name Type Description
paginationMode? 'index' | 'cursor' Declares the pagination strategy of this data provider.
getRecords async (params: GetRecordsParams) => GetRecordsResult Responsible for fetching slices of underlying data.



Name Type Description
paginationModel? PaginationModel The pagination model that describes the requested slice.
filterModel FilterModel The filtering model that describes the serverside filter applied to the data.
sortModel { field: string; sort: 'asc' | 'desc'}[] The sort model that describes the desired ordering of the result set.


  • IndexPaginationModel when paginationMode is set to 'index'.
  • CursorPaginationModel when paginationMode is set to 'cursor'.



Name Type Description
start number The start index of the requested slice requested slice.
pageSize number The length of the requested slice.



Name Type Description
cursor number The cursor addressing the requested slice. null for the initial page.
pageSize number The length of the requested slice.



Name Type Description
logicOperator 'and' | 'or' The operator that is applied to the filtering operation.
items { field: string; operator: string; value: unknown }[] The constituents of the filter, each describes an operation applied to a field in the data set.


Name Type Description
records any[] The start index of the requested slice requested slice.
totalCount? number The length of the requested slice.
cursor? string | null Used when paginationMode is set to cursor. It addresses the next page in the collection. Pass null to signal the end of the collection.
hasNextPage? boolean You can use this property instead of totalCount to signal that more pages are available. This comes in handy when it's not possible to fetch an exact count.