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createFunction API

Provide backend function that loads data on the page.


import { createFunction } from '@toolpad/studio/server';


export const myApi = createFunction(config, resolver);

Make any backend data available to your page with the createFunction. Define a named export, initialized with createFunction in toolpad/resources/functions.ts. After doing so, the function will be available when creating a Custom Function query on the page. The result of calling this function on the backend will be available as page state.

You can define parameters to bind to page state. The actual values for these parameters will be supplied when the function is called to load the data.


  • resolver a function that returns data. The data will be made available on the page as soon as it loads.

  • config An object describing the capabilities of this backend function within Toolpad Studio. See FunctionConfig


a function that is recognizable by Toolpad Studio



This describes the behavior of the custom function.


Name Type Description
parameters? { [name: string]: ParameterDefinition } Describes the parameters that will be passed in the parameters property of the function. See ParameterDefinition.


this describes the type of the parameter that will be passed to the custom function.


Name Type Description
type? 'string' | 'number' | 'boolean' | 'object' | 'array' Describes the type of the parameter.
default? any A default value for the property.
helperText? string A short explanatory text that'll be shown in the editor UI when this property is referenced. May contain Markdown.
description? string A description of the property, to be used to supply extra information to the user.
enum? string[] For the 'string' type only. Defines a set of valid values for the property.
minimum? number For the 'number' type only. Defines the minimum allowed value of the property.
maximum? number For the 'number' type only. Defines the maximum allowed value of the property.