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getContext API

Support reading contextual information in backend functions.

import { getContext } from '@toolpad/studio/server';


import { getContext } from '@toolpad/studio/server';
import { parseAuth } from '../../src/lib/auth';

export async function myBackendFunction() {
  const ctx = getContext();
  const user = await parseAuth(ctx.cookie.authentication);
  return user?.id;

Within backend functions, you can call getContext to get access to the request context that resulted in calling this backend function. This is useful if you are running Toolpad Studio in an authenticated context and want to reuse access tokens available in a cookie.


No parameters


a ServerContext containing information on the context the backend function was called under.



This describes a certain context under which a backend function was called.


Name Type Description
cookies Record<string, string> A dictionary mapping cookie name to cookie value.
setCookie (name: string, value: string) => void Use to set a cookie name with value.
session { user: ServerContextSessionUser } | null Get current authenticated session data.



Name Type Description
name? string | null Logged-in user name.
email? string | null Logged-in user email.
avatar? string | null Logged-in user avatar image URL.
roles string[] Logged-in user roles in Toolpad Studio.