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API docs for the Toolpad Studio Button component.

The Material UI Button component.

Buttons allow users to take actions, and make choices, with a single tap.


Name Type Default Description
onClick event Add logic to be executed when the user clicks the button.
content string "Button Text" Will appear as the text content of the button.
variant string "contained" One of the available Material UI Button variants. Possible values are contained, outlined or text
size string "small" The size of the component. One of small, medium, or large.
color string "primary" The theme color of the component.
fullWidth boolean Whether the button should occupy all available horizontal space.
loading boolean Displays a loading animation indicating the button isn't interactive yet
disabled boolean Whether the button is disabled.
sx object The sx prop is used for defining custom styles that have access to the theme. All MUI System properties are available via the sx prop. In addition, the sx prop allows you to specify any other CSS rules you may need.