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API docs for the Toolpad Studio Text component.

The Text component lets you display text. Text can be rendered in multiple forms: plain, as a link, or as markdown. It's rendered using Material UI Typography.


Name Type Default Description
mode string "text" Defines how the content is rendered. Either as plain text, markdown, or as a link.
value string "text" The text content.
href string "about:blank" The url that is being linked.
openInNewTab boolean false Clicking the link should open a new tab.
variant string "body1" The Material UI typography variant that is used to display the text.
loading boolean false Displays a loading animation instead of the text. Can be used when the content is not available yet.
sx object The sx prop is used for defining custom styles that have access to the theme. All MUI System properties are available via the sx prop. In addition, the sx prop allows you to specify any other CSS rules you may need.