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API docs for the Toolpad Studio Checkbox component.


Name Type Default Description
mode string "checkBox" Defines how the content is rendered. Either as plain CheckBox, Switch
label string "Label" A text or an element to be used in an enclosing label element.
checked boolean If true, the component is checked.
color string "primary" The color of the component. It supports both default and custom theme colors, which can be added as shown in the palette customization guide.
disabled boolean false If true, the component is disabled.
size string "medium" The size of the component. small is equivalent to the dense checkbox, switch styling.
sx object The sx prop is used for defining custom styles that have access to the theme. All MUI System properties are available via the sx prop. In addition, the sx prop allows you to specify any other CSS rules you may need.
fullWidth boolean Whether the select should occupy all available horizontal space.
componentsProps object The props used for each slot inside.
labelPlacement string "end" The position of the label.
name string Name of this input. Used as a reference in form data.
isRequired boolean false Whether the input is required to have a value.