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API docs for the Toolpad Studio DataGrid component.

The MUI X Data Grid component.

The datagrid lets users display tabular data in a flexible grid.


Name Type Default Description
rowsSource string "prop" Defines how rows are provided to the grid.
rows array The data to be displayed as rows. Must be an array of objects.
dataProviderId string The backend data provider that will supply the rows to this grid
columns array The columns to be displayed.
rowIdField string Defines which column contains the id that uniquely identifies each row.
selection object null The currently selected row. Or null in case no row has been selected.
density string "compact" The density of the rows. Possible values are compact, standard, or comfortable.
loading boolean Displays a loading animation indicating the data grid isn't ready to present data yet.
hideToolbar boolean Hide the toolbar area that contains the data grid user controls.
sx object The sx prop is used for defining custom styles that have access to the theme. All MUI System properties are available via the sx prop. In addition, the sx prop allows you to specify any other CSS rules you may need.