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API docs for the Toolpad Studio Image component.

The Image component lets you display images.


Name Type Default Description
src string The url of the image. Must resolve to an image file.
alt string "" The alt attribute holds a text description of the image. screen readers read this description out to their users so they know what the image means. Alt text is also displayed on the page if the image can't be loaded for some reason: for example, network errors, content blocking, or linkrot.
fit string "contain" Defines how the image should resize to its container.
width number 400 The image width in pixels
height number 300 The image height in pixels
loading boolean false Displays a loading animation indicating the image is still loading
sx object The sx prop is used for defining custom styles that have access to the theme. All MUI System properties are available via the sx prop. In addition, the sx prop allows you to specify any other CSS rules you may need.